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My name is Brittany Vader and I have been doing hair extensions for over ten years. I'm passionate about ensuring my clients have the perfect hair and the perfect look. It's my commitment to client satisfaction that keeps my clients happy and coming back.

There are different types of hair extensions and different installation techniques. It takes experience to know what will work best for a client based on their hair type and their lifestyle. For example: Are you an active person? Do you spend time outdoors in the sun? Will you be heat-treating your hair regularly? Do you have time to care for it?

Your hair type and lifestyle will determine which method we decide to use, so we will do an initial consultation. If you decide to move forward I will purchase the hair on your behalf and have it ready for your install appointment. This takes all the headache and guess work out of your service. 

Salon Front

Suite 120, 10815 - 104 Ave
Edmonton, AB T5J 4N6

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Thanks, I look forward to meeting you!

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